Advanced Shooting Platform


Advanced Shooting Platform

The ASP, advanced shooting platform, is a unique training tool designed in order to take soldiers and civilian competitive shooters to a higher skill level.
Based on the BeaverFit 5 ft mobile training locker, the ASP offers endless training scenarios which will challenge the shooter to a maximum. A lot of thought has been spent with the instructor in mind. This is why the ASP is highly mobile and is easy to be set up by one person only.

Designed and developed in a partnership between TTS – Tactical and Training Systems and BeaverFit. A partnership based on parallel thinking and a singular vision towards specialised training equipment.

Features & Options


  • Built and designed to significantly enhance shooting ranges and live fire training areas
  • Highly mobile unit, 5ft container on trailer
  • Up to 6 firing positions simultaneously
  • Includes premium steel-targetry


  • Leaning roof
  • 4 configurations


  • x3 flame retardent curtains
  • Detachable velcro patches


  • Wooden supports
  • Detachable with steel brackets – multiple configurations


  • Two adjustable swings providing unstable platforms

Ladder & window

  • Firing from ladder, multiple positions
  • Window/area frame


  • Leaning walls – confined space in multiple configurations and flame retardant furniture
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